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Nov. 10th, 2008

Just feeling really swamped at the moment. Two papers for next week whooo. So I'm gonna declare a hiatus to at least the 21st and am gonna try to stay away from irc as well.

Good luck with apps people, and if I still owe anyone betaing, I'm sorry it's taking so long.


IN CAMP: ...idk, I've sort of just winged it and assumed everyone could see him (like Bleach's Shinigami cast) because even though he's still a ghost, he's also a counselor. As you can see, I didn't put much thought into it. Anyway, I notice this has been confusing for some, so....

This is a GHOST OPT OUT. Comment here if you would rather not thread with my ghost because of conflicting reasons like 'my canon actually points out that soandso can see ghosts but my character can not' or 'they'll be scared but not in the hilarious way :(' or whatever really. IT'S COOL. I don't want to put anyone on the spot by jumping them, and you can play with my other characters anyway |Db

O right, assume this is the same for Bason. I'll pass on the message o/

REPRINT SCHEDULE aka I am bored.

Chapter numbers are not exact (except for the ones already published), but seeing how we're getting about 20 chapters per month. I'm making some kind of super lazy release schedule.

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I think I read somewhere that vol 27 is all new material. The very last chapter of SK was 284 (285.. was some kind of hilarious epiloque thing). Anyway, this is to give myself an idea of how fast they're going.)

ITP: Amidamaru can't have nice things.

[see icon]

[backdated to Amidamaru's first appearence in camp]

SK Timeline (Manjien Character Book)

yeaaaah, I'm going to be a hooker and c/p this from the Messworld forum (http://messworld.suddenlaunch.com/). Translated by Windera.

Really, really longCollapse )

And that's it. Manjien was published... around Ren's first revival so there's nothing after that. ....o Takei. Also notice how there's little to nothing about Onmyouji Hao. Sob. XD

Permissions and Stats

Age: died at 24
Height: TALL
Weight: ...weightless
Medical Info: Dead. \o/
Eyes: Brown..?
Hair: Purple
Physical traits: A GHOST. So, Opaque or semi transparent. May or may not have feet (depending). He's always wearing the same samurai clothes he died in. Comes in an adorable mini spirit ball form which looks a glowing orange orb with a face, hair and swords.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: ...I think anything's cool. Anything weird will go over his head.
Abilities: GHOST. Can float, go through things~ He's also a very skilled swords man. I'll cover oversoul stuff in another post
Notes for the Psychics: Lord Yooooooh. Nothing really bad. He'll be fretting over Yoh in his head and be mystified by all this camp stuff.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: We can figure something out for the first two, and the last two: A ghost.
Maim/Murder/Death: ALREADY DEAD \O/ ...Okay, if your character is someone who's actually capable of hurting a ghost like a shinigami or something. Please ping me. ;;
Cooking: A ghost.


...wow I abuse run on sentences and comma splices like mad.

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